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Albion online healing build 2019

Albion is not an MMO like all the rest, and not just because it's a sandbox. Most people don't know where to start with it, so we hope that our thorough guide will help you through your unique adventure! A lbion Online is a different MMO.

Any buildings you use for your crafting are owned and taxed by other players, you can be killed and lose everything you carry even cash-shop itemswhile your actions will determine your progress as well as your map access.

Sounds fun enough already? Click here to download Albion Online from the official website. Character Creation Screen, Albion Online. Player Fame Stats, Albion Online. In Albion, there are no player levels. Like in The Elder Scrolls series, you level what you use. So gathering stone will earn you Fame towards leveling your Stone Gathering, while the tools you use to gather it, can be leveled only if you craft more of them!

It works the same way with combat, as you level different weapons and armor depending on what you use. For example leveling up your plate chest is something different from your plate shoes — they might as easily be cloth shoes. Everything in Albion and I mean everything is divided in Tiers.

There are 8 Tiers, with Tier 1 being the lowest, and Tier 8 the highest. To give you a quick example, if you go to a Tier 4 area, you will be able to gather Tier 2 — Tier 4 material and kill Tier 2 — Tier 4 monsters. In order to gather Tier 4 resources, you need to have a corresponding Tier 4 tool, or a Tier 3 one with a big gathering time penalty.

The Destiny Board is the skill tree of Albion Online. On the left you have all your fighting skills, and on the right all your crafting skills.

albion online healing build 2019

That means that you level the left side by fighting, while the right one by crafting.I forgot my password. Check out our other Albion Online builds. Dead Healer is of no use to a team, so the survivability is the key when it comes to being a successful Combat Healer in Albion. This build is designed to maximize your Survivability so that you are able to stay safe and Heal your teammates.

If you have any suggestions for other Albion Online builds or feedback about this build, you are more than welcome to leave it in the comments below. Sign in Sign in with your Odealo account. Remember me. Log in. Create a new account Don't have an account yet? Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. Like this:. Share this:.

Good Survivability. Lacks any offensive capabilities. Solid defensive options. Some Healing potential was sacrificed in favor of additional survivability. Able to reposition quickly. Can Cleanse negative effects. The third cast on the same target will consume all stacks and restore you some energy. When combined with the Holy Blessing, this provides you with very strong Burst Healing ability.

Holy Blessing - This spell lets you Heal a priority Target very quickly, thanks to the Healing bonus that it provides. Remember that you have to be close to the Target that you want to Cleanse.

Your main defensive tool. You are invulnerable during the jump. A great defensive option that lets you avoid Damage and increases your overall mobility.

This allows you to quickly gain some distance over enemies slowed by your Frost Shield. This serves as an emergency defensive Cooldown that will let you sustain heavy incoming damage for some time, and make you even harder to kill.Your browser has JavaScript disabled. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. The post was edited 1 time, last by Myko Jul 18tham.

The title says it all. What's the best gear for healing? Thanks guys. Play NOW!!!

[Build] Help me with healer builds

Mage Robe for chest. Could you give a description of your play style? I am usually very mobile, I can stay in the back, but I do not mind running to the frontline if necessary. I am more reactive than preventive, meaning I like big heals rather than hots. But I can adapt. I like group PvE and PvP. I think Holy is preventive and Nature staff is Reactive play. Nature is HoTs. Weapon : First you'll have to choose between Holy or Nature healer. And then try every one of them at least 3 non-artefact ones.

Holy is more burst healing, while Nature is more HoT healing. You can see all skill descriptions and armor stats in this wonderful spreadsheet : docs. But you may build something completely different and still be right, i guess you should try different things. What's the downside if you want to have a leather hood, cloth robe and ore boots, besides if you go full cloth your heals are more powerfull, but you're weak less hp and armor?

Myko Nop, same stats. Your build looks nice, cleanse on headgear is really good on a healer, for pvp. Not sure about mana potion though, you may figure is you need it or have something better by testing it i guess.

Yeah kinda. After that i thought that i should just leave it because i gave more info and options, that can be useful for some people to make different choices, and edited saying that you were right and faster.

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0.I forgot my password. Check out our other Albion Online builds. Dead Healer is of no use to his Team, so survivability is the key to the successful Combat Healing. The build also brings a very strong group utility to the table, which is very valuable during large scale encounters.

If you have any suggestions for other Albion Online builds or feedback about this build, you are more than welcome to leave it in the comments below.

Albion Online Healer Training - Parrysonford

Sign in Sign in with your Odealo account. Remember me. Log in. Create a new account Don't have an account yet? Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. Like this:. Share this:. Great Survivability. HoTs can be dispelled, making this build somewhat less reliable than Holy Staff builds.

Strong against enemy CC effects. Not suited for solo PvP. Good group Utility. Requires good resource management to stay effective in prolonged engagements. Can Cleanse negative effects. This spell can be stacked up to 3 times.

If it is reapplied on maximum stacks, all stacks are consumed and you restore some Energy. Consume stacks only when Energy is desperately needed or when you somehow know that enemy is about to dispell. This effect does not work on Damage over Time spells. This spell is the main Nature Staff's advantage over the Holy Staff. It provides a good HoT and much-needed defensive dispell. After 3 seconds, the Seed sprouts, Healing the ally for a large amount of Health.While there is an extensive variety of potential healing builds that a player can utilize effectively on the battlefield, often times they tend to have various drawbacks that hinder them in one form or another.

Whether the hindrance is caused by immobility, high energy consumption or low healing output, there are usually notable adjustments that can be made to tweak a healer into becoming optimal in their role. Healing with a Great Nature Staff is both engaging and very rewarding. Energy sustainability may be a relevant issue, but it can be significantly mitigated with a proper build.

As you can see, the choice of armor is rather straight forward. Although this may be the case, an intricate choice of skills must be made in order to adapt to your approach towards healing. The main skill you will want to take on this slot is Energy Regain. Its purpose is rather self-explanatory; a channeled spell that greatly replenishes your energy.

Energy Regain is one of the most important skills that most healer builds should utilize. However, it is even more relevant in this build. Great Nature Staves require a lot of energy. Without Energy Regain on your skill bar, you run the chance of running extremely low on mana and not being able to keep your allies alive. The last thing you want to see is your allies dropping like flies… right? Your focal objective as a healer is typically to maximize your healing output in order to keep your friends alive as long as possible.

This objective is ultimately no different in Albion. Charity is the passive that takes you one step closer to that effectively maximizing your heals. For our chest skill, things become a little trickier.

The primary skill we will want to take depends on what form of player versus player PvP we are engaging in at the time. Blink — a short distance teleport, is an excellent choice of skill for open world action. It allows you to keep up with your allies in the open field, whilst also providing you with the utility to escape enemy crowd control, such as roots and slows.

Although blink is an excellent option for open world PvP, Ice Block is arguably stronger in terms of small-scale PvP, such as guild versus guild GvG fights. Being confined to a smaller area, enemies naturally have easier access in attempting to burst down a healer.

In this case, Ice Block provides you with much needed invulnerability to avoid enduring as much damage as possible. This opens the door for you to focus more on healing your allies, and less on healing yourself. The skill you will want to take here simply depends on your preference, playstyle and the form of PvP you are engaging in.

Choose wisely. Again, this is important in order to efficiently weigh your healing output versus energy cost. For our light boots, the skill we will want to grab is Energetic Sprint.

This skill is important to pick up for various reasons. Although this may seem relatively the same as other sprint options, Energetic Sprint also regenerates energy over the course of 3 seconds. This essentially negates the energy cost of using your sprint skill. Since healing with your Great Nature Staff will already be energy-intensive, mitigating the energy cost of sprinting is imperative in this build. Be the most efficient healer out there. At last, we have the most important piece of gear to discuss; the Great Nature Staff.

Begin by utilizing bows up until tier 3, then swap out to 1 handed nature staves at tier 4. This will be your first experience utilizing a nature staff so take that opportunity to get accustomed to the style of healing that it provides. Following down this path will lead you to the Great Nature Staff at tier 4.

It provides some of the widest variety of skill options of any weapon in Albion.

albion online healing build 2019

Whether you would prefer to maximize your heal output, increase your allies defensive capabilities, or even cleanse your allies of harmful debuffs, the Great Nature Staff provides the utility in order to do so.Healing is a very difficult job, depending on how organized your group plays.

If you are new to ESO, please make sure to also check out:. Templar Healers have always been a very popular class setup. Their Class tree Restoring Light is specifically made for healing. Overall they have a very good healing output and on top of that they have a very specific skill called Breath of Lifewhich is basically a strong burst heal. Extended Ritual allows you to cleanse most of the debuffs and also give your group members a chance to pick up the Purify synergy, which does also cleanse the debuffs from them, very powerful.

Updated the gear setup, added character screenshot and changed Healing Springs with Illustrious Healing. To be fully ready I recommend trying to get most of these sets and confirm with your raid leader what combinations you need them in. For the beginner setup, any trait of the sets works, if you want the perfect traits follow the main gear setup.

Most important is that you get the sets complete to benefit from the bonus of each set. Remember, Healers often need to change a few skills out during runs, especially in Trials. So this setup is not maced into stone, adjust it to your needs. Ideally you want to use the Clockwork Citrus Filet as it provides you with a little bit extra Magicka and Health.

If you are planning to use skills from the Mages Guild and Psijic Orderjust make sure to not forget to activate the passives. The Build Video is from VanaEvrmake sure to check out her youtube channel. The build may differentiate from the setup here, keep that in mind! The footage is from Vanaevr, make sure to follow her on Youtube for more footage.

Illustrious Healing : Very strong heal over time that always has to be kept active. Solar Prison: Can be used to mitigate a lot of damage and the synergy deals a crazy amount of damage.

Channeled Focus: Gives Major Resistances and also greatly improves your sustain. Elemental Blockade : Keep this on the ground as much as possible, when that Elemental Shock Blockade is on the ground with your charged trait, concussion and off balance will almost proc on cooldown, increasing group DPS by a lot. Elemental Drain : This ability needs to be on the enemy as much as possible, it debuffs their Spell Resistance and gives Magicka Steal to your whole group, increasing sustain by a lot.

Luminous Shards: Keep throwing this, allies can use the synergy to regain resources. You could also slot Orbs here. Extended Ritual: Keep this up all the time, strong heal and people can use the purify synergy to cleanse themselves from debuffs.I forgot my password. Check out our other Albion Online builds. Not everybody enjoys playing in a group.

Playing solo requires you to build your character quite specifically, as you will need solid Damage to overcome opponents on your own in addition to some good recovery options that will save you from trouble.

The build is designed for PvE, but it packs a solid punch and Self-Healing that might surprise Gankers as well. On Odealo dozens of sellers compete for your attention. You are guaranteed to find Albion Silver and Items at the best price possible.

If you have any suggestions for other Albion Online builds or feedback about this build, you are more than welcome to leave it in the comments below.

Holy Staff PvE Healer build for Albion Online

Sign in Sign in with your Odealo account. Remember me. Log in. Create a new account Don't have an account yet? Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. Like this:. Share this:. High DPS. Lacks CC. Great Damage over Time. Designed for Solo play, lacks group utility. High AoE Damage. Stacks up to 3 times. Internal Bleeding - Deals Physical Damage to all enemies around you and causes them to take Damage over Time when they move. This enables you to deal massive AoE damage.

albion online healing build 2019

The poisoned enemy will take Damage over Time.


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