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Bring my child home spell

In the majority of cases, we often think about the two married people fighting a divorce when we consider the effects of the divorce. However, there is often a group that suffers in silence: the children. The sad thing about the children is that they are usually bystanders who can do nothing about the situation. Once a divorce begins, there is the issue of custody, and as a parent, you may want to get full custody for the kids. I have focused this article on spells to get full custody. As I often do with these articles, I also want to use them as a way of delivering advice about the practical things you can do as you also use the spell.

Here, I am referring to practical things like how to win custody in court. I often include practical things when I write about spells because I am one who believes that successful spell casting is a mixture of things that are physical and spiritual things. So, what is a win custody spell? I think that the understanding of this concept will start with an understanding of two basic terms: custody and spell. If you have been reading any of our articles on this site you probably now have an idea of what court case spells are.

However, let me remind you if you have forgotten or if this is the first article on this website that you have read. If you look at the dictionary, you will learn that a spell is a group of words that have magical powers for those who believe them. Generally, when people act under a spell, the things they do are mostly out of their control. In this case, we are referring specifically to child custody.

The phrase child custody means having the right to look after and live with a child. Child custody can be broken into two main classifications: physical custody and legal custody. The term physical custody means that a particular parent has the right to live with the child while legal custody means having the right to raise the child.

I think that it is essential to be clear about what you are talking about when you cast a custody court case spell. I think that this is important so that when you cast your spell, you are clear about the result which you want that spell to do for you.Your IP address will be recorded.

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Use this only in cases where the other party is of some sort of threat or is unfit.

bring my child home spell

Do not use this if you are angry and vindictive and wish to keep the children away from a loving and supportive parent. This is a protection spell for just causes. In this example i will refer to a mother working on behalf of her children, but a father can use this spell as well to bind his children to him keeping away an unstable and dangerous mother.

Prepare your work space with protection images, family photos without the harmful parentprayer cards, and all the requisite supplies. Set this candle in the center of your altar or work space and place the photo underneath the candle. Carve their names on their candles as instructed above and anoint them with the oil s.

If you have three children, prepare three candles, one for each child. Set their candles around your purple candle in a triangle, square, circle, or right next to yours depending on the number of children.

Space the candles apart so they're about 3" away from each other and 3" away from your purple candle. Tie a string around your purple candle with the knot in the center of the string so you have two long tails of string leading out from your candle. Light the birthday candle and use to to light the purple candle then each child's candle starting with the oldest child to the youngest. Make sure the incense is going good, pick up the Angelica Root in your non-dominant hand, and pray sincerely for your family's protection and well-being.

Psalms 35, 37, 53,and Genesis are all good scripture to read, as is this prayer: The Light of God surrounds us, The Love of God enfolds us, The Power of God protects us, and the Presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is, and all is well.

The smaller candles take about hours to burn. The purple candle will take 3 or more hours to burn. While the candles are still burning, drill a hole slowly and gently into the top of the Angelica root working vertically long-ways down the root.

Do not drill all the way through. Depending on the size of your Angelica root, you want about a 1" deep hole. You may wish to increase the size of the drill bit, first using a narrow bit, then using a larger bit to widen it a bit. You will want the hole large enough to stuff items into it but not too wide to weaken the integrity of the root. Using the toothpick, stuff you and your chidlren's hairs into the hole in the Angelica Root.

Place this fixed Angelica Root in the center of the candles either between your candle and your child's candle or in the center of the candles closest to the purple candle. Allow the candles to burn down, staying in prayer.

The child candle s will most certainly burn down first.This is a new section I'm just putting together, so just a few pages so far. Though most people who discover Wicca and witchcraft are young adults, there are lots of older people who are following this path and now raising kids of their own. If you want to bring some witchcraft and spells into the family, here is the place to start. It can be difficult to find good spells for kidsregardless of the specific age.

They need to be simple, and with purposes that a child would actually want. Most kids aren't too interested in legal spells or spells to improve in business. But a fun pet blessing might do the trick. If you are looking for materials to teach kids about witchcraft, Wicca or other Pagan paths, I recommend a visit to Little Pagan Acorns for lots of free printables. Once your kids are old enough to start performing their own rituals, you'll want to choose that perfect first spell.

Having further information on teen Wicca can also be helpful, since everything is a little different from a teenaged perspective. Things like school tend to be more important to teens, so having appropriate spells can help. I have a page of spells for teensand you can browse my collection of books for Wiccan teens to see what other resources are out there for the teen and young adult crowd.

Still working on more family spells. But if you are raising a Pagan family, you might want to find a Pagan or Wiccan baby name for your next child.

Another good way to get your whole family involved in Pagan traditions is to celebrate the 8 Sabbats each year. Recipes, crafts and activities can really add some witchy atmosphere to any family. Leave the Family Spells page, and go back to the main witchcraft spells home page.

Copyrightfree-witchcraft-spells.Relationships are comprised of beautiful connections between friends and family, built to act as our personal support teams of love and protection. Whether our meeting in this life is accidental or pre-determined before our life in this cycle begins, the timeline of relationships always holds the possibility of a disagreement, fight, separation, or rift between those involved.

Oftentimes, these rifts are created to help us learn, grow, and move forward in our life, helping us take the lessons along with us for the future. This spell is made to reconnect friends and family who have distanced themselves and forgotten how it feels to have the sacred connection of love.

This spell is perfect for individual people as well as groups of people, friends, and family. In essence, this is a great spell to bring people back together. As with all spells, use a form of divination to decide if a reuiniting spell is perfect for the good of all involved at the present time. The best time to do this spell is during the waxing moon on a Friday or on a Monday for families that live together!

Happy Saturday and what a great question! The white candle is the candle that represents your family or friends, so please burn that one for sure. You can choose to burn the pink one down, to bring more loving energy to the spell OR you can choose to keep that candle for another spell that needs loving energy! The results will depend on a few things: how strongly you visualized and felt the feeling of togetherness during your spell AND if any lessons have been learned by the separation of family or friendships.

Does it have to be a toothpick? Can it be another wooden object like a stick from outside?

bring my child home spell

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Share Pin 8. Aurora Moone. Chamomile Tea Sleep Spell. Vanessa says: Which candle do you burn the white after you use the pink also how long for results.You can cast this very powerful spell on your own, to bring him back to your feet again.

The factor that most influences these love spells, is the conviction that you really want them to return and the focus and visualization powers that you can achieve while casting the love spell. Most of the rituals and spells on this page will require you to candles. If you are not sure what kind of candles you will need, stop by your local witchcraft store or get them online at Amazon.

Light the red candle and focus for a few minutes staring at the picture of your love and visualizing you two as a couple together again.

bring my child home spell

I invoke the powers of magic, to conquer his or her name again. Take the paper and break it into very small pieces and bury them in a place where nobody will find it.

Make sure you cast this spell in absolute solitude. No one should know about the performance of this love ritual for it to take effect. Make sure to be calm and with a clear mind, then light the red candle. Now you must take the picture of your ex and stick the needle in his forehead. While doing this you should say the following:.

Protect Children

As you have left me, you will return to me. Leave your thoughts behind and come back with me. My love is not over, and so neither is yours. Place the photo in the bag and keep it hidden for nine nights. On the tenth day, your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend should give signs of wanting to come back with you.

Get rid of the bag and the needle. Light the white candle and focus on your beloved for a few minutes, staring at the flame. Write your name on the paper and cut the onion in half. Now place the paper with the name of your loved one between the two halves of the onion. On the pink paper, you will write your name and that of your ex-partner.

Take the lemon, making sure that is fresh, and cut it into two equal halves. Try to do this as accurately as possible.

Spell to Bring Friendships and Family Back Together

Now, fold the paper so that the names touch facing each other, pour some sugar and place it in between the two pieces of lemon. You will now tie the red thread around the lemon to hold it together. At the time of making the knot with the thread around the lemon, focus and visualize your ex-partner re-living happy moments with you, both together again. Now, place the lemon in the freezer and try to hide it in the back so that no one can see it.

You can expect to see your ex come back to your life within a month. Start filling the glass with tap water halfway, place the glass on your kitchen table and next to it place the candle and light it. Love me more and more. Come back, come back, come back, in just three days as I order and command you.Children who fall behind classmates in spelling, who forget words easily, or who mix up letters when writing, are children who need special, loving, considerate attention regularly at home to help them overcome their unique learning problems.

Here are some suggestions other parents have successfully used to help their children in these areas. Develop auditory and vocal skills. Good spellers are usually good readers and good speakers and vice versa. Using the school or local library helps your child develop some of these skills. Restrict the amount of TV he watches.

Your child cannot talk back to a television set. Children need to use the language they will be writing. Give your child the opportunity to talk with you. Experience stories. Let your child write about the things he likes.

He can illustrate the stones himself or cut pictures from magazines to illustrate them.

bring my child home spell

Let him write the words without assistance unless he asks for help. Misspelled words can then be used in little games you play with your child.

Family Spells

If so, fine. Write letters. Corresponding with a friend or relative-or a simple statement at the bottom of a letter you write to someone your child knows-offers him opportunities to spell. Trace words. This activity helps many children. Have your child sit next to you or, if young, sit on your lap. Sit so that you can guide his writing hand.

Make sure that only his index and middle fingers are extended, and that his eyes are closed. If your child is using manuscript, use that form.Merry Meet Seeker, I am not sure which country you live in, but taking a child from her mother is not something that is allowed in most countries. In case you did have a divorce and the court decided to give your daughter to the father, there may not be much you can do.

Otherwise, there are many ways to get your baby back. First try all legal avenues if you have the money for it. Also work on this spell: Person Recovery Spell —————————- For this spell, you will need a pieced of paper and pen along with some water and a heavy stone.

child protection spell Jar

Step 1: First use the pen and paper to write your earnest wishes as a petition to the Universe. Step 2: Go outside with the water and find a small tree, the branch of which touches the ground. Step 3: Offer the water as libation to the tree. Step 4: Hold the branch gently and secure it with the stone to the ground without breaking it.

Step 5: Place the folded petition under the stone. Step 6: Talk to the tree and demand that your husband return your daughter to you. Let some of the tears fall at the foot of the tree or over the branch. Step 7: Go home and visualize your wishes coming true. Step 8: When it comes true, offer the tree another libation and remove the stone.

Planting more trees in your yard may also be wise.

A Spell to Bind your Children to You and Protect your Family

Brightest Blessings. Yes u can get ur daughter back, light a white candle and pray everyday to whatever u believe in until ur wish is granted…And as soon as one candle burns out light another one…ask another person to do it with you two minds equals NOW.

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