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Dpf cleaner reviews

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AdrianC Forumite My mother runs a 6yo Pug HDi. She's had it from new - and it still has less than 40k miles on it, mostly short local runs.

Yep, prime candidate for DPF problems It's already had the DPF cleaned out once So, when it went bing and popped up "Antipollution Fault", then refused to move any further, whilst I was with her the other day, the cause seemed fairly obvious.

I was wrong - it turned out to be a low fuel rail pressure fault code. Green Flag cleared that, and it's been absolutely fine since. But the guy did strongly recommend a DPF cleaner fuel additive. My natural scepticism is screaming "Cold-pressed extra-virgin python". But I said I'd look into it, and a tenner every few months is not expensive insurance, if they work.

So - what think you? Any brands more or less effective than others?

dpf cleaner reviews

I have wondered the same for a while. Any of the diesel additive that actually offer a real benefit and any that do something to the dpf? You're probably better off taking it for a quick blast up the motorway every couple of weeks or so.

Rent the car out for a few hours every month? It will certainly be returned with a "very" clean dpf. Her nearest motorway or substantial dual carriageway is an hour each way. You scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian! In practice PSA cars with the EOLYS additive system suffer little in the way of blockage problems compared to other makes, is the fluid system working correctly.

I no longer run Diesels, DPF a complication too far for me, but i always ran Millers Diesel Power Sport, or whatever its now called, in the fuel, never had a problem but then thousands who didn't use it never had problems eithermight be worth a shot, it seems to be a cheaper way to run the better Diesel on offer at some stations. I think reputable named brands such as Forte or Millers products might be worth a punt, not sure about some other brands aimed at the road racer types.

CKhalvashi Forumite 9.Anyone with a late model diesel knows the nightmare of the Diesel Particulate Filter. DPFs are emission control devices designed to remove the soot or solid matter present in the exhaust gasses produced by diesel engines. When a particulate filter becomes clogged the narrow passageways are literally packed with block soot. A regeneration process helps to clean out the clogged filter but takes time. Lucas Oil supports many forms of motorsport, diesel enthusiasts are most familiar with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.

I spoke with Forrest Lucas, the head of Lucas Oil and a devoted proponent of individual rights. Lucas is not only an entrepreneur and businessman he has worked as a long haul trucker, sponsor of many prominent racing organizations, and started the activist group Protect the Harvest, defending the rights of sportsmen, farmers, and ranchers since In order to get a better understanding of the benefits of Lucas Oil Diesel Deep Clean I asked Lucas to tell me more about his experience with the problem of clogged DPFs and how he went about engineering a solution.

As a former trucker himself, Lucas understands the priorities of the trade, keeping on schedule, proper maintenance, and minimizing down time. Diesel Particulate Filters collect the soot in diesel exhaust.

How to clean a DPF

Photo Courtesy of Banks Power. Now the head of a major automotive fluids company he has a fleet of trucks of his own to keep on the roads. Back in when DPFs started becoming a standard occurrence on 18 wheelers, Lucas was backed against a wall with the problem of clogged DPFs. Forced to replace, or retrofit trucks he new there had to a better solution to this problem. The costs of replacing the particulate filter can be astronomical, several thousand dollars on some vehicles.

Taking his problem into the laboratory, Lucas went in search of a solution that could be added to fuel preventing, correcting and eliminating the clogging caused by particulate backup in filters. Working with his ownand year model trucks, and a fleet of trucks for the city of Indianapolis, Lucas developed the Diesel Deep Clean additive.

According to Lucas, Extensive lab testing showed after just one tank of fuel with additive exhaust pressures were reduced, and percent of particulate matter clogging the filter was gone.

dpf cleaner reviews

After a couple bottles it went back to regening every couple weeks. The Diesel Deep Clean additive not only cleans the particulate filter on your big rig or pickup truck, it also carries additional benefits.

Because exhaust back-pressure is reduced, and stray emissions are burned up, your truck runs more efficiently. The result of this improved running condition is extra horsepower, better acceleration, and improved emission output. After just one tank you can expect to see improvement. Continual use of the additive may prevent the eventuality of ever replacing your DPF, Deep Clean use intervals range from a bottle every tank to a bottle every oil change depending on the urgency of your needs.

Common contributing scenarios that cause clogged DPFs include slow driving situations, like traffic. So if you have ever had problems with a clogged DPF or want to prevent ever having problems, this could be your fix in a bottle.Several technologies are used for dealing with toxic diesel exhaust fumes.

Best DPF Cleaner Reviews In 2020

None more significant than a diesel particulate filter DPF. The in-line exhaust device traps soot, ash, and other particulates in a cell membrane.

A DPF must be cleaned periodically, or extreme pressure develops and restricts engine performance. Most diesel engine builders incorporate active, passive or manual regeneration methods to curtail the soot buildup. Operators also employ cleaners and additives to promote efficiency. In this article, we will take a deep dive into discussing what are the best DPF cleaner products on the market today. DPF cleaners are chemical treatments which serve to reduce soot and particulate emissions in cars, SUVs, light to heavy-duty trucks.

During a regeneration cycle, a considerable amount of carbon residue is burned off. However, there is a significant volume of burnt ash that remains trapped in the honeycomb substrate. Diesel operators know first hand the advantage of preventive maintenance. Regular stops to a mechanic for DPF cleaning is always a good idea. Large fleet managers will invest in DPF cleaning machines along with a dedicated workforce. Experienced operators should devote the time and money in learning how to clean a DPF.

Light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles should use DPF additives regularly. Many of the following DPF additives can be acquired in bulk for high mileage operators and fleet service. It is always an excellent idea to analyze a brand and stick with the company for the life of your diesel engine. Liqui Moly is a global German company producing a broad line of diesel specific additives.

Liqui Moly has an outstanding reputation for delivering quality lubricants, additives, repair and service products. This cleaner will break down most contaminants and is effective for Cummins and Duramax diesel. It is compliant with ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel and can even work on trucks using bio-diesel. View on Amazon One gallon of regen less will treat up to gallons of fuel.

It is also available in a ounce bottle. It is a great way to minimize soot collection and contamination while preserving the life of your DPF. This product is specifically made for diesel particulate filters and is an additive that you pour into your fuel tank.

View on Amazon While the vehicle is in operation the additive works with the fuel mixture to safely and thoroughly clean the DPF. It is a great preventative maintenance tool. Furthermore, it is easy to use and formulated to prevent the creation of secondary pollutants. Must-have for diesel truck owners. Enerburn attacks the full issue of diesel particulate matter and advanced regeneration for a variety of diesel engines.

EnerBurns catalyst is patent-pending technology to diminish overall soot and ash by increasing engine production.In the previous article we discussed how the DPF regeneration process should ideally be automatic. However in reality this is often not the case and a DPF cleaner is then needed.

As you can see, there are three clear levels of DPF cleaning efficiency. This difference in efficiency is a result of the active compound used in each additive, as you may guess.

Both additives will restore a moderately clogged DPF using only ml of product. On the other hand, the ferrocene-based Ultimax helps with cleaning the filter but, in comparison to normal DPF regeneration, the difference is much more subtle than with the other compounds. If you are thinking of using a DPF cleaning additive in your heavy duty truck be aware that the iron based additives like the Ultimax Diesel are not recommended due to the Continuously Regenerating Trap their DPF have installed in it.

Be careful not to use ferrocene-based DPF cleaning additives on your truck. Ferrocene-free additives are not exclusive to Xenum. Other companies also use DPF cleaning products that rely on cerium or platinum. The best DPF additive. The choice is yours, but be cautious. If unsure about which product to use, always seek professional advice.

dpf cleaner reviews

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I won! Coronavirus: The latest from MSE The MSE team is working extremely hard to keep the info we have about your travel rights, cancellation rights, sick pay and more up to date. Hello all. First off sorry if this subject has come up before as i know it has had media coverage in the past but i've only just become familiar with it. This filter apparently collects soot and burns it off at high temperatures generally thru motorway driving.

dpf cleaner reviews

So if like myself and don't get on the motorway much the owners book states that you should occasionally drive at a constant speed at higher revs for about 20 mins.

Now how often is occasionally? Nothings happened with my car as yet but i did this 60mph in 4th revs for 15 mins the other day due to what i've found out about this poxy filter but my car was jerky at some points and concerned i may be doing other damage? Another thing i read on this DPF is that even if you do motorway mileage and you drive in a 6th gear it may still not "regenerate".

Any reviews on this? Basically what i'm asking for is any advice on how can you maintain your DPF and how often should you do this high revs drive if you are a stop start town driver? Thanks in advance, any help on this topic would be much appreciated.

Trebor16 Forumite 3. It is rather long though. Diesel particulate filters are becoming more commonplace on diesel engines, particularly sizes 2. This is in order to reduce the exhaust emissions as required by European legislation.ProCarReviews is reader-supported.

We may earn commission on sales through our links at no extra cost to you. View policies. Similar to EGR problemsthe DPF can become clogged up from city driving where the car does not get up to temperature.

The whole reason the Diesel Particulate Filter came along was to clean up the diesel car image Euro 5 Emissions, Emissions from diesel cars are a big concern worldwide and thanks to the DPF technology, diesel cars are much cleaner.

DPF regenerationrepairs and new replacements are seriously expensive and can lead to some vehicles becoming scrapped.

After the regenerating of the DPF, it can now restart the cycle of collecting harmful exhaust gases again. There are 3 different types of DPF regeneration, which are active, passive and forced. Active reads the back pressure of the exhaust or soot load of the filter to determine when to begin the regeneration. Once initiated, the timing of the fuel injection will alter that will result in the exhaust temperature increasing to burn the soot particles.

Passive will take place once the exhaust reaches optimum temperatures where the regeneration will automatically begin. The exhaust will reach these temperatures will occur mostly on prolonged highway driving. Manufacturers that use a passive form of regeneration typically install a oxidizing catalytic converter near the engine to increase the temperature.

The diesel car will enter limp mode and will require a car diagnostic tool to force the regeneration. How long until a DPF will fail is hard to tell because some manufacturers have had to replace some in the first 3 years and some never. The most common reasons for DPF failures are:. However, sometimes these warning lights can be false alarms and you should try clearing the fault using an OBD2 diagnostic tool.

If the warning light continue to display, you will notice the following symptoms:. The cost of cleaning or replacing your DPF sounds scary but you can forget this following some simple driving habits.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways to fix a blocked DPF:. If you are currently in limp home modedriving at high RPM step 2 will be your best chance of getting out of limp mode. Once you have normal power, go for a long fast drive on high quality fuel. If the issue remains the next day, get your error codes read by a diagnostic tool. It is true, without a DPF, you will have no issues and in fact, your performance will increase with a remap or tuning of the ECU. However, the DPF removal may be illegal is your country and it will cause more environmental damage.

Although the latter will not be your biggest concern. The cost of cleaning or replacing your DPF can be expensive. However, they did not bet on having issues such as DPF failure on relatively new cars costing thousands.Your browser's JavaScript functionality is turned off.

Can I clean my DPF and do cleaning additives actually work?

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Wynns Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner ml. Step 1: Select Quantity. Step 2: Select Buying Option Check stock in your location. Use my Location.

Add to Basket. This chemical treatment reduces soot emissions, regenerates the particulate filter and gives that engine of yours a good all-round spring clean. Resulting in lower fuel consumption and the avoidance of regular maintanence costs, Wynn's cleaner is the one to go for. I putted it on, on a half tank of diesel and took the car to the motorway. I must say I'm so happy. The car is back to normal.

The power is back. It's fast again.

DPF Problems, Symptoms and Fixes

My car was so clogged. It didn't have any power what so ever. I was losing hope on my car. I definitely recommend this. I will continue putting this liquid as I don't drive on the motorway so often.

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