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I dont understand Korean, the only thing I know is that people on Twitter were saying the little boy was Winwin. Achieving victory in the dream would mean the wars in the real world would stop, or something like that. Or like Inception where you can enter a dream and shape it as you like, but for purpose of changing a person's mind.

Anyway about the teasers of the boy in the desert, i think he is a clairvoyance. He can see what happens in the dream world. They could be inside the girl's dream idk the girl seems to doze off like 1 second then woke up because she's getting her tattoo done.

nct gossip

Anyway it's an interesting concept. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Press More More. Recommended Posts. Posted May 7, Link to post Share on other sites. I wish I understand korean.

Kings of conspiracy theories in languages I can't understand. Kinn 1, Posted May 7, Like I said 50 freaking times, win win is the ace.

NCT 127’s Jaehyun Just Posted a Photo That's Freaking Fans Out

We need English subs. Didn't Jaehyun explain the concept in M2 or something? Jaehyun explained he went to watch Taeil's dream, and Taeil was watching Doyoung's dream. Like in Matrix movie, the dream is more of a reality than the real life when they woke up. The boy is in the real world. Jaehyun, Taeil and Doyoung was walking the opposite direction of time. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.It's been two years since the dating rumor erupted inand it is a surprise that some netizens are still rooting for the two stars, who were referred to as the next "SM Couple.

However, while SM Entertainment didn't deny it, fans don't believe in their relationship ever since. Yeri had been involved in dating rumors with several SM rookies and artists, which are often groundless, leading the speculation to subside immediately.

But her dating rumor with Taeyong is probably the longest, and here's how the dating rumor of the two idols started. Usually, stalkers and sasaengs obsessed "fan" are the first ones to know if something is going on between the idols. Thus, the keywords involving two idols often appear together when you search one or the other.

For instance, when netizens searched Yeri's name, "Yeri Taeyong" appeared. A post saying sasaengs already know that the idols were dating appears as well when you search the names of the two stars on the Korean platform. The dating rumor continued untiland Yeri has been getting lots of hates from Taeyong's Korean fans as well.

As the two were rumored dating, netizens started eyeing them, and a fan allegedly captured some sweet glances between the two idols during SMtown's concert. In one of Yeri's videos, a fan captured the female idol's phone wallpaper, and netizens were quick to speculate that it is Taeyong as it is undoubtedly a person.

Some even claimed that it was a photo during the male idols' promotion of NCT 's "Cherry Bomb" because of the resemblance of the black and white pattern of the clothes and hair color of Taeyong and the person in the photo. A photo was posted in Pann as well, wherein Taeyong uploaded his photo kissing a cupcake, and Yeri uploaded the same content. Netizens claimed that it was a signal between the two idols.

However, according to fans, it was merely a coincidence because the cupcake isn't unusual at all. Despite these so-called "proofs" collected by the netizens, these cannot be considered as concrete evidence to say that the two are indeed in a relationship. Also, Yeri has been close to several male idols, given her friendly and bubbly personality. These are her special attributes for fans that are sometimes misunderstood by other netizens. They even smiled at the camera, seemingly unbothered by the gossip.

News Hot Issues.That's literally how many westerners use the r word, but just because they're not directed directly towards a disabled person does NOT mean that it's okay, because you're using disabled people as an insult towards other people.

Which is why there has been a movement in the West to stop using the r-word. Yet other words can still be used. Why do you feel this word is the equivalent of the r-word tho? Because the twitter OP posted one definition and said so? ChimKookie 12 posts. May 14, I know that we're all bored in quarantine but don't you and whoever else made this shit up have anything better to do? This is just so dramatic, calm the fuck down.

What I don't get it is, why people are so insistent on using or defending certain words just because THEY personally don't find it offensive? Like, if you have the potential to protect other people by. Y'all let's try to keep the discussion calm The twitter OP is using one direct official translation.

When in many cases words like this in many countries all have different meanings, but basically at it's core just means "stupid" or "dumb".

nct gossip

Again the word use to be used all the time jokingly in the US also. Looked up its a word that is alot more specific than the ones i saw idols use, like very specific of its uses, rather than general insult. I'm not sure if it's an ableist word or akgaes are just mad someone was jokingly mean to their fave. Because for the exact same reason that people use the r word when they mean stupid or idiot, i. The r-word definitely have a negative and derogatory connotation.

Just because a lot of people use it as a "joke" it doesn't mean it's right. I watched the video and everyone was laughing while Haechan looked clearly uncomfortable. I didn't know about this either and I feel really bad for Haechan if they treat him like this on the regular.

Ppl really love to use those situations to spread rumors. I didn't affirm he was being bullied though?

Sasaengs are bothering NCT 😑

I was wondering if what that tweet said was true and saying that IF it was true, I'd feel bad for him. I've never heard anyone ever use those words to describe a disabled person and I'm pretty sure no dictionary would say it either.

The point is the word IS used to describe the disabled, and then also gets thrown around to mean stupid or idiot, JUST like how the r word is used. The way there are some people happy and celebrating this is disgusting. They're used against the disabled, but they dinnae MEAN disabled, whereas the r word does, and from what's been said, so does the korean word.Your browser does not support video.

NCT U members allegedly imitating Indian dancing on stage. M Countdown. Yang ga tau yg yy pic. With that, I hope you embrace the different cultures of your international fans because the slightest actions — even with the purest intentions — could cause a big impact to us. These video calls are meant for fans to interact with the members, not for them to shame and make the members feel uncomfortable. If there is an issue and you want to voice your opinion, there is a better way to get your messages across.

Why bring Yangyang and Johnny into this at all? Just because they can speak English? Or, in fact, why even bring this up at a fan meeting? If you have something to say to Korean idols, then embrace the Korean language and culture first — be educated yourselves — and come with some logic and reason. As Korean and international NCTzens continues to battle it out on Twitter and other online communities, tension builds in the fandom.

First and foremost, Yangyang was not even included in that situatuin and all you did was making him uncomfotable by preaching ur unnecessary lecture. See more NCT. Share This Post Facebook.Mark : It would be different for every member as we have our own base, but I think you can look forward to each unit's album this year. I think there would be different combinations as well. NCT is a group that has something new each year! Sungchan : In too, the new unit will come out so please look forward to it and give it love.

Mark: yes, it's our first time receiving a daesang via AAA. After receiving the rookie award inthe team was awarded again in 4 years. Mark: though that was 4 years ago, having received the grand award after receiving the rookie award made me aware of the journey that we've been on Mark: be it nct or superm, we all work hard to communicate with the fans overseas.

While seeing that, I feel that many fans are congratulating NCT got award and supporting us. Q: How did you spend your holidays after winning the award? It must have been a meaningful year of Kun: Yes, it was my birthday. It's also SM Town's concert day, so we spent the day watching the performance together at home.

I think all the members improved their skills while promoting. It was an honor to participate in a good project. Jaemin: thank you! Jaemin: in this year, i think it would be good if there will be a lot of chances to meet the fans in person. Doyoung: since debut, I anticipated and imagined receiving a big award a lot, but I also felt like I received it suddenly. Q: the album sales and overseas charts were outstanding as well. Doyoung: of course, the members who search for the charts will know.

I thought that becoming a million seller would need more time, but it came earlier than I thought. Jeno: rather than thinking about how hard it was, when we received the award and all of nct's 23 members -cont.

NCT 127 estrena MV oficial de Punch, su nuevo comeback

Jeno: um. I'm really curious about that Sungtaro unit. It was great to be able to experience the joy together as 23 members. When we see that, we can feel that there are many fans who are congratulating us on the award and supporting us. It was also really fun. While talking about their teamwork, Jeno commented about how many of them have been training together since they were trainees.

Our overseas fans enjoy that and it makes us proud too. I also think that there might be various other combinations too. NCT is an organic group that pursues new things each year! For their individual and group goals for the year, Mark named world peace.

Lastly, Sungchan ended the interview by sharing words for fans. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.To Win Conference - The team that progresses to the NBA Championship will be deemed the winner of the conference. Settlement of all markets will be determined by official rankings and statistics provided by tournament governing bodies, eg.

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NCT 127 estrena MV oficial de Punch, su nuevo comeback

He has been so impressive this year. The 22-year-old Australian ended his season with a three-set defeat to Ruben Bemelmans in the second round of the European Open in Antwerp, admitting that the last few months had not gone how he would have liked. I will do all I can to improve for 2018.

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nct gossip

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