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Pointers and strings in c pdf

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.C Programming. We know that a string is a sequence of characters which we save in an array. In the following example we are creating a string str using char character array of size 6.

The variable name of the string str holds the address of the first element of the array i. So, we can create a character pointer ptr and store the address of the string str variable in it. This way, ptr will point at the string str. In the following code we are assigning the address of the string str to the pointer ptr. The pointer variable ptr is allocated memory address and it holds the address of the string variable str i. In the following example we are using while loop to print the characters of the string variable str.

We can achieve the same result by creating a character pointer that points at a string value stored at some memory location.

In the following example we are using character pointer variable strPtr to store string value. In the above code we are using another character pointer t to print the characters of the string as because we don't want to lose the starting address of the string "Hello" which is saved in pointer variable strPtr.

The pointer variable strPtr is at memory location and is pointing at the string address The temporary variable is also assigned the address of the string so, it too holds the value and points at the starting memory location of the string "Hello". In the above code we are creating an array of character pointer cityPtr of size 4 to store the name of the four cities. The cityPtr pointer variable is allocated the memory address to Assuming integer address value takes 2 bytes space.

So, each pointer gets 2 bytes. To access and print the values pointed by the array of pointers we take help of loop as shown in the following example.

In the above code we are using the r variable to access each row of the pointer. And we are using the c variable to access each character in a selected row.

Home Sign Up Log In. Boolean Algebra. IP Address. Logic Gates. Pseudo Code. Backtracking Algorithm. Dynamic Programming. Greedy Algorithm. Recursion Algorithm. Searching Algorithm. Searching Pattern. Sorting Algorithm. Web Dev. Programming Language. Version Control.String length in C, In this C programming example, you will learn to find the length of a string manually without using the strlen function. C Program to Find the Length of a String. This program allows the user to enter any string or character array.

C Program to find the length of string using strlen function In this program, You will learn how to find length of string using strlen function in c. C program to find the length of a string, In the following C program we are counting the number of characters in a given String to find out and display its length on console. Upon execution of. Array of Strings in C, A string is a 1-D array of characters, so an array of strings is a 2-D array of characters.

Just like we can create a 2-D array of intfloat etc; we can also create a 2-D array of character or array of strings. The first subscript of the array i.

If all the strings are going to be the same length or at least have the same maximum lengthyou simply declare a 2-d array of char and assign as necessary:. How do I create an array of strings in C? Now each arr [x] is a C string and each arr [x] [y] is a character.

You can use any function on arr [x] that works on string! String length in C, function takes a string as an argument and returns its length. Length of string in C language. Output of program:. C Program to Find the Length of a String, In this C programming example, you will learn to find the length of a string manually without using the strlen function.

C for Loop. As you know, the best way to find the length of a string is by using the strlen function. However, in this example, we will find the length of a string manually. C strlenYou can get the length of a string using the strlen function.

pointers and strings in c pdf

This function is declared in the header file string. In the below program, to find the length of the string str, first the string is taken as input from the user using scanf in, and then the length of Str is calculated using and using method.

Below is the C program to find the length of the string. Example 1: Using loop to calculate the length of string. In the below-mentioned example, two approaches have been used to reverse a string in C language.The C programming language lacks a string variable, but it does have the char array, which is effectively the same thing.

As an array, a string in C can be completely twisted, torqued, and abused by using pointers. Strings, too, can be displayed one character a time by plodding through an array. The code shown in Hello, String is completely legitimate C code, valid to create a program that displays a string.

Exercise 1: Modify the source code from Hello, String, replacing array notation with pointer notation. Eliminate the index variable. You need to create and initialize a pointer variable. The null character evaluates as false.

Character Pointers String Constants

So the evaluation could be rewritten as. Exercise 3: Continue working on your code, and this time eliminate the statements in the while loop. Consider A Pointer Announces a String. You cannot use this convention to initialize a numeric array. Build and run.

For example, in A Pointer Announces a String, the sample variable is used in Line 7 to step through the string as part of the putchar function. If you wantto use sample later in the code, it would no longer reference the start of the string. Taking what you know about sorting in the C language, you can probably craft a decent string-sorting program. No, instead, you sort an array of pointers referencing the strings.

Sorting Strings, Initial Attempt shows an example. Build and run to ensure that the strings are properly sorted. The problem is in Line You can compare individual characters and you could then sort the list based on those characters, but most humans prefer words sorted across their entire length, not just the first character.In the last chapter, we have learned how we can use an array of strings or 2-D array of characters.

It may appear to you whenever you need to store more than one string then an array of strings is the way to go, unfortunately, this is not the case.

Consider the following example. The total size of the sports array is 75 bytes but only 34 bytes is used, 41 bytes is wasted. What we need is a jagged array: A 2-D array whose rows can be of different length.


An array of pointers to strings is an array of character pointers where each pointer points to the first character of the string or the base address of the string. Here sports is an array of pointers to strings. If initialization of an array is done at the time of declaration then we can omit the size of an array.

So the above statement can also be written as:. The 0th element i. Similarly, the 1st element i. In this case, all string literals occupy 34 bytes and 20 bytes are occupied by the array of pointers i. It is important to emphasize that in an array of pointers to strings, it is not guaranteed that the all the strings will be stored in contiguous memory locations. Although the characters of a particular string literal are always stored in contiguous memory location.

The following program demonstrates how to access strings literal in the array of pointers to string and in the process prints the address of each string literal. Consider the following example:. This means the following operations are invalid. Thank you for this!

If I wanted to compare a sequence of chars i. How would I go about comparing them? Notify me of new posts by email. Like this: Like Loading Thanks for posting! Good point what is the story with null character for string termination practice?

Wow what a great knowledgeable article…. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.A c programmer without knowledge of pointers is like. Free download pointer in c by yashwant kanetkar. Download let us c by yashwant kanetkar fifth Pointers are all about power and punch and this book covers.

Only Genuine Products. Free Shipping. Published in the yearUnderstanding Pointers In C is a book that provides the readers with in-depth insights into pointers in the C programming language. Understanding Pointers In C provides C programmers all the information they need about pointers in the C programming language.

Pointers are actually variables that are used for storing addresses, and can also be null. Pointers are useful for expressing a number of computations, helping to produce efficient and compact code. To tap into their full potential, the programmer needs to have a solid grounding in the subject, which is provided in Understanding Pointers In C. Errors often crop up in code if the programmer is not aware of the usage of pointers, thereby, making it important to study this subject meticulously.

Through the course of this book, Kanetkar explains a number of related concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. He delves into a number of crucial aspects such as the relationship between arrays and pointers, dynamic memory allocation, structures, and variable arguments list. He also throws light on the application of pointers at the end of the book.

Kanetkar explains all the important concepts in a step-by-step manner, which helps the readers understand the concepts better. This book provides the readers with detailed information on pointers, and is suitable for students as well as practicing engineers.

Yashavant Kanetkar is an author and academician. He also holds an M. Kanetkar is a frequent columnist for Developer 2. In the past 15 years, he has groomed a number of IT professionals. He has been presented with the Best. Introduction to pointers 2. Pointers and Arrays 3. Pointers and Strings 4. Pointers and Structures 5. Pointers and data structures 6. Certified BuyerHowrah. Certified BuyerTiruchendur.

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Array of Pointers to Strings in C

About Yashavant Kanetkar Yashavant Kanetkar is an author and academician. Add 3 Items to Cart. This book is mostly based on TC compiler, which is almost non existant. Concepts provided are from point of view where address used to be 16bit! And this book just helps to clear the concept.Pointers in C are easy and fun to learn.

Some C programming tasks are performed more easily with pointers, and other tasks, such as dynamic memory allocation, cannot be performed without using pointers. So it becomes necessary to learn pointers to become a perfect C programmer. Let's start learning them in simple and easy steps. A pointer is a variable whose value is the address of another variable, i.

pointers and strings in c pdf

Like any variable or constant, you must declare a pointer before using it to store any variable address. Here, type is the pointer's base type; it must be a valid C data type and var-name is the name of the pointer variable. However, in this statement the asterisk is being used to designate a variable as a pointer. The actual data type of the value of all pointers, whether integer, float, character, or otherwise, is the same, a long hexadecimal number that represents a memory address.

The only difference between pointers of different data types is the data type of the variable or constant that the pointer points to. There are a few important operations, which we will do with the help of pointers very frequently. It is always a good practice to assign a NULL value to a pointer variable in case you do not have an exact address to be assigned. This is done at the time of variable declaration. A pointer that is assigned NULL is called a null pointer. The NULL pointer is a constant with a value of zero defined in several standard libraries.

In most of the operating systems, programs are not permitted to access memory at address 0 because that memory is reserved by the operating system. However, the memory address 0 has special significance; it signals that the pointer is not intended to point to an accessible memory location.

But by convention, if a pointer contains the null zero value, it is assumed to point to nothing.

pointers and strings in c pdf

Pointers have many but easy concepts and they are very important to C programming. Passing an argument by reference or by address enable the passed argument to be changed in the calling function by the called function.


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