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Final Fantasy XIV implemented the new races Viera and Hrothgar with the recently-released Shadowbringer expansion, and today Square Enix released a relevant resource for players who embraced them.

The publisher released on the official forums two posts illustrating the naming conventions for both Viera and Hrothgarproviding players with obviously optional guidelines to name their characters in lore-friendly ways. The Rava and Veena clans share many traditions, naming practices among them.

As such, the most common surnames are the names of the largest Viera villages.

viera ffxiv

However, as with forenames, surnames are generally discarded or replaced once one chooses to venture into the wider world. Helions are those Hrothgar currently living in service to a queen, and were so named for how their lives appear to revolve around the queen much as celestial bodies circle the sun. Final Fantasy XIV has a very strong roleplay community, mostly centered around the Balmung server and the Crystal datacenter, and this kind of data can certainly help roleplayers pick the names for their characters, or at least provide a solid starting point.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Reveals Naming Conventions for Viera and Hrothgar Roleplayers

Of tall stature and slender frame, the Viera's physical appearance is strikingly similar to that of the Hyur and Elezen, save for their distinctive long ears. Adhering to a strict code known as the Green Word, they are prohibited from contact with the outside world under threat of exile.

Their society is purely matriarchal, and males of age are seldom, if ever, found within the bounds of any village. They instead serve as protectors of the wood from the shadows, that no evil may ever encroach on their sacred lands.

Viera of the Rava clan live primarily in the Golmore Jungle, their umber skin allowing them to readily blend in with their surroundings. Though the males stand as wards of the forest, the females are adept hunters in their own right, fiercely guarding their homes and their young. Despite attempts by the Dalmascans to subjugate them, they have ever maintained a self-governing dominion.

Though most would adhere to the traditions of the wood, some few have chosen to venture out into the world. With skin as fair as the snowcapped mountains towering above, the Veena clan make their homes in the forests lining the southwestern foothills of the Skatay Range. Like the members of their sister clan, the Veena live as hunters and gatherers, laboring not only to protect the woods, but to nurture them. As the winds of war swept up a number of those who left their mountain homes, many such hardened hunters chose to set out for the distant shores of Eorzea.

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viera ffxiv

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This page was last edited on 17 Julyat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO.The Viera are a race of hare-like humanoids from Ivalice. The Viera have rabbit-like features, including long ears and supple limbs. Due to their long feet, Viera wear stilettos most of the time.

The Viera also have a heightened sense of smell, which can put them at a disadvantage against some of Ivalice's smellier monsters. The Viera's ears not only allow them to hear over great distances, they also allow them to listen to the voices of the spirit world. They can put this ability to great use, either to communicate with the world around them, or to summon monsters from other worlds.

Furthermore, the Viera have approximately three times the lifespan of Humes; they can be more than 50 years old and still be in their prime. Viera have light-colored hair. As with the Bangaa, the Viera are divided into two sub-branches; the light-skinned Veena Viera and the dark-skinned Rava Viera.

Though those who chose to live among Humes often color their hair in shades of brown or black. They have blonde hair in Revenant Wingswhilst in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance they have green, purple and white hair, though as white hair is rarer, it's considered a blessing among the Viera. The Viera live deep within the woods; male and female Viera live separately from each other and only make contact and communication when the need arises, though this may not be necessary due to their lifespan which is three times that of Humes.

Viera have superb eyesight compared to that of Humes.

viera ffxiv

It is said that they can spot their prey from as far as 10 km 6. Not to forget their sense of hearing, this allows them to tell the difference in footsteps which comes in handy if they are being hunted themselves. All Viera allies, with the exception of Fran, are weak to Earth. In Eruyt Village there are two jobs that the viera can do.

They are Salve-Maker and Wood-Warder. Those who wish to become Salve-Makers must complete a rite of passage: catching the Vorpal Bunny which appears every seven years. Its tail is used to create Vision Dust.With their tall, slender forms and distinctive long ears, Viera are one of the most instantly recognizable races in Hydaelyn.

They live by a strict code known as the Green Word, which prohibits contact with the outside world - any Viera who breaks this code faces exile from their clan. Instead, they stick to the shadows as protectors of the wood, driving evil away from their sacred lands.

The Rava clan live in the Golmore Jungle, where they are able to easily blend into their surroundings. Despite many attempts by the Dalmascans to conquer the Rava, the Viera have managed to maintain their own self-governing community and control of the jungle.

Most Rava Viera stick close to home, but recently a few have chosen to venture out into the wider world. Paler-skinned than the Rava clan, Veena Viera hail from the forests at the foothills of the Skatay Range.

As with their sister clan, the Veena act as accomplished hunters and gatherers, and have a firm commitment to protecting their woods and nurturing nature.

Many of the Viera who have left their mountain homes were swept up into war and conflict, and a number of these battle-hardened hunters have chosen to head for the land of Eorzea. You can change your character to a Viera with a Phial of Fantasia - a potion that lets you change all aspects of your appearance, including race.

You can buy these from the Mog Station. Fran is a skilled warrior, and a valuable ally in combat. Sadly for Fran, that includes her. It also features some fantastic quality of life features too, such as the ability to speed up time for faster battles and navigation. Are you already playing as a Viera or Hrothgar? Please don't include any personal information like names, email addresses, phone numbers or bank details.

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By clicking "Subscribe", you agree to our Terms of Use and you acknowledge that you have read our Privacy Notice. Which characters in Square Enix games have the best smiles?The viera may begin as part of the Wood, but the Wood is not the only end that we may choose. Viera is a race in the Final Fantasy series, mainly in Ivalice.


They first appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. All viera that have appeared in the franchise have been female, although male viera do exist. The viera have leporine features, pointed feet, long ears and limbs. They generally wear stilettos, due to the shape of their feet. Their trademark long ears grant them exceptionally good hearing, although they are said to have excellent senses overall. The viera are sensitive to Mist —if they are exposed to high concentrations of it, they will enter a berserk state referred to as a Mist frenzy.

When experiencing a Mist frenzy, a viera can tear apart metal shackles and kill armored humes while unarmed. Not only do the viera's ears allow them to hear over great distances, they also allow them to listen to the voice of the Green Word.

They can put this ability to great use, either to communicate with the world around them, or to summon monsters from other worlds. Furthermore, the viera have approximately three times the lifespan of humes. All viera have white hair, but some dye theirs to other colors if they live among the humes [2] ; brunette viera are spotted in Rabanastre during Ashe and Rasler's wedding.

Viera have dark skin, and their ears are covered in short fur and are usually mottled with brown specks at the tips. They are different from the other viera physically, having shorter ears, fair skin and blonde hair.

They have two distinct clans, the Veena which have lighter fur and the Rava which have darker fur and hair colors.

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Final Fantasy XIV gives exposition to the elusive male viera, who are virtually identical at birth to females; only upon maturing they are able to be identified gender wise.

Male viera return to the village to collect the male children who reach puberty to teach them the ways of the hunt. They live alone, serving as solo defenders of the forest from intruders and evil, and only communicate with the females when needing to mate, trade or collect the male adolescents. The male viera are secretive, vicious, skilled hunters and are so well adapted to living in viera forests no one aside from female viera has ever seen one.

The viera live deep within wooded area, earning them the call "People of the Wood. Males and females live separately, only making contact and communication when the need arises. It is said that the Viera's superb hearing allows them to sense changes in the weather and the movement of all living things in the woods they inhabit. Their lifespan is roughly three times that of humes.

They grow much like Humes as children, but upon reaching adulthood the viera retain their appearance until old age.

Viera communities have two jobs the viera can take: Salve-Maker and Wood-Warder. Those who wish to become Salve-Makers must complete the rite of passage of catching the Vorpal Bunnywhich appears every seven years. Its tail is used to create Vision Dust, which keeps Eruyt Village hidden from outsiders. However, not all villagers are required to take a job.

Having lost their ancient homelands to war over years ago, some viera began to question their way of life and went off to live among the humes. This is against their law, referred to as the "Green Word," which forbids contact with the outside world. According to JoteFran's sister and the leader of the viera who remain in Eruyt Village, once a viera breaks this law, they are considered viera no more and are regarded as outcasts. The viera of Eruyt Village can communicate with the Golmore Junglereferred to as the "Wood"; an outcast's senses become dimmed, and they become unable to do this.

Whether a viera can regain the ability to communicate with the Wood is unknown. Feol are the descendants of the aegyl leader Feolthanos who fell in love with a full-blooded viera, giving birth to the race that carries his name.

Fran states this variety of viera are often called "the Exiled" as they are seen as abominations by their full-blooded kin.

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The feol have the longest lifespan among the viera. Fran also states their particular kind didn't obey the rules of the Green Word, which was to stay within the forest villages they were born in, so Feolthanos's wife was looked down upon as well as her descendants.The Viera is a leporine race of people commonly found in Southern Othard.

While the majority of their population resides closed-off from the rest of Hydaelyn in the Golmore Junglein recent times more have decided to leave the safety of the forest to explore the world. The Rava Viera in Golmore Jungle live under a strict code, the "Green Word" also known as the Word of the Wood[1] that forbid them from interacting with the outside world unless strictly necessary. Those who leave to discover the world are forever banished, never to return. In contrast, the Veena Viera of the Skatay Range are more open to venturing to the outside world.

Viera and Viis live for hundreds of years, easily longer than three lifetimes of an Elezenwho are known to live longer than many other races themselves. Viera and Viis are very quick on the move and are rarely outpaced. Even though male Viera are the main guardians of the jungle, the martial prowess of female Viera is not to be underestimated as they are just as formidable as the men, merely choosing to devote their attention to the protection of their hearth and young. The word "Viera" itself means "people of the wood" and a Viera child is referred to as a "kit".

Like the Keepers of the MoonViera tribes are a matriarchal society that is ruled by, and mostly comprised of, women. Viera men are rare and remain deeply solitary, except when they return to their village of birth every three to five years to mate.

While the men are the primary defenders, Viera women still defend the forest but they also devote time to responsibilities such as clearing undergrowth, removing fallen trees, planting seeds and eradicating vermin among other tasks. The response the Wandering Dramaturge got after asking a Viera woman "if she did not find her tribe's ways awkward. Was it not within the natural order for males and females of a species to coexist?

In the alternate world the Firstthe Viera are known as "Viis" and much of the culture from the Viera of the Source is retained in the Vii culture itself, from being a matriarchal society and excluding males from their villages to said villages being formed around massive trees, linked by suspended paths.

Despite being excluded from villages, male Viera still play an important role in Viera society by taking on the mantle of Wood-warders, serving as protectors of the forest.

The duty of a Wood-warder is to ensure that the domain of their tribe is untouched by outsiders, whether those outsiders are of another race or are Viera from another tribe.

Male Viera return to their village every three to five years not only to mate but to claim any young males that have entered adulthood yet still live within the village, as their wards, to teach them how to survive in the wilderness on their own and without the crutch of companionship. Only after many seasons of training and strict adherence to the Word of the Wood will the students earn the title of master and be allowed to seek solitude. The training required to become a Wood-warder often leaves more than a few to perish during the brutal rite of passage, further thinning the number of males in the tribe.

It is standard that Wood-warders attack from the shadows, often shooting first and not even bothering with asking questions. The Rava and Veena clans share many traditions, naming practices among them. In practice, however, one will rarely encounter a Viera using her forest name, as those who choose to strike out into the wider world will generally choose new "city names" to mark their parting from the traditional Viera way of life.

These chosen names are often inspired by the names of other races they encounter, or simply things that they like, such as "Cherry" or "Morning Glory", and so vary widely between individuals. Incidentally, "Fran" is one such name.

The most common surnames are the names of the largest Viera villages. As with forenames, surnames are generally discarded or replaced once one chooses to venture into the wider world. While at first fans were apprehensive at the possibility of it being a female-only race, the development team revealed they had drawn up concepts for male Viera.

However, the idea was discarded in favor of the Au Ra. The camera zoomed in on it just after announcing an "unknown new playable race". Yoshida also hinted that the final chapter in the Return to Ivalice raid would feature a huge hint.

Only female Viera were shown, leaving many to speculate that males might follow. This speculation was proven to be false; instead, an all-male race known as the Hrothgar was inserted to complement the Viera. The rationale given was the same as for Final Fantasy XII : that males were too reclusive and aggressive.

Preliminary fan response to the changes announced was mixed to negative, with reports of backlash on social media and official discussion forums. While Viera was a popular fan demand, there had also been calls for more beastly variety to playable characters. The team thus felt that it was in their best interests to try and satisfy both demands. Though understanding that some players would be upset at being unable to use their preferred gender, the team decided to add gender-locked races as the best way to "improve the overall game experience".


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