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Waeco fridge controller

Latest Projects Education. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Danfoss Compressor Speed Controller. Search Forums New Posts. I have a refrigeration unit powered by a Danfoss compressor unit. The compressor has the ability to operate at variable speeds via a variance of resistance in the thermostat circuit eg. After market add-on's by third party manufactures have allowed consumers to manually change the resister settings to match optimized running conditions or have produced a timing circuit as shown below to 'automate' the change of speed dependent of running time.

The question I ask is what circuits would be appropriate for this operation based on variable times and speed change resistance dependent?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Scroll to continue with content. RVRepairer said:. The question I ask is what circuits would be appropriate for this operation.

Hope this is some help. Thanks for a swift response. The compressor is the Danfoss BD50F Daryl or anybody who could assist My thaughts on this are that the beter way is speed controlled by the temperature as in the Waeco system. Where if the temperature rises too high the processor then gives a higher compressor speed.

Danfoss Compressor Speed Controller

That being said im not into processor design. My approach in portable 12V DC refrigeration is simple is best. I do have 2 Waeco fridges, but I also converted a Evakool fiberglass esky which has far beter insulation than the Waecos. This is my converted Esky. Thanks DarylAir Conditioner Freezer Monitor Refrigerator. Models Document Type.

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waeco fridge controller

CA, Instruction Manual. CAB, CombiCool CAB Operating Manual. PerfectView CAM CoolPower EPS Installation And Operation Manual. CoolPower MPS BordBar AS Installation And Operating Manual.

Installation Manual. CoolAir CAMercedes Coolair CAS. Mobitronic ECL BordBar TB BordBar TF MagicComfort MSH Installation And Operating Instructions Manual.I chose this forum because there seems be some Waeco fridge expertise about and Im in a bit of a pickle.

Very robust. But the fridge died when I disconnected the battery I forgot to turn it off first. On 12V it is completely dead, no lights. Fuse is fine. When connected to V through an inverter it works! Ive had it apart and while connected to the battery at That is the heavier PCB next to the compressor under the Danfoss cover.

The only thing I can think of is replace the 9A poly Fuse from Way-cold. Except they threw me off when they said it cures blinking red light syndrome. I dont get blinking red light, I get lights out. Any ideas?

Maybe a new poly fuse is the way to go, Im not an electronics expert but have soldered a board before. Need to know which model it is Vera or Verb. I had one of those too I reckon I've had every Waeco quirky thing happen to them both over the past few years I have correct wiring etc so no drop off of voltage etc a cause of many Waeco problems.

Waeco recommend to set to 'Low'. Your knowns I've had two go and had to be replaced I believe that will be your problem, lack of actual voltage supply. I guess we can discount your wiring being insufficient capacity.

I've never had a fuse go so don't know if it will still work on V and not 12V Do you have an auxillary battery 12V starter.?. Tell us more. Hoo Roo. In between, You have to manage! If its the model with a separate V ac power supply.

It should test at.You unscrew the silver nose on the cigarette plug on mine the fuse is in there But its spring loaded so be ready to stop it flying apart Cheers Andy. Thanks Andy i was wondering if there is a fuse in the unit it self? Hi Peter The only cord is the 12v one. If you don't have it they have an external v to 12v power supply I think it's a 6 amp from memory Cheers Andy.

They would probably be the battery protection settings high cuts out earlier if battery voltage gets to a certain level low if your not really using the battery to start your car You should be able to google a user manual Cheers.

How smps does the CDF draw on 12 volts? Thanks Andy. And well done decoding my question. Cheers, Rob.

Waeco CF50 issues - help wanted

Had to cut off the original 12V car plug. Now I wonder if it makes any difference how to connect the new one. Any suggestions? Cheers, Henk. Generally the cable core with white stripe on insulation will be your positive. My waeco just stop working power is on just change the fuse still not working all points are plug in what could be wrong?

How to change the thermistor/temperature sensor in a Waeco Fridge.

Did you find the problem. Which way is the contol when it is on fridge setting? I have borrowed a waeco cdf35 to use in a motorhomes trip.

The Battery Monitor has high and low settings. Which setting should I use? Low settings for aux battery. High if it is running off your cranking battery. Where can I buy a Cord that plugs into electricity for this portable fridge freezer. Mine is an the older model of Waeco. Can I have the slide thermostat replaced with an electronic thermostat?

Mine was a CF35 with an elactronic panel which packed up. A friend has it now and ordered a manual winding thermo. We will bypass all electronicsif it works I will submit on this site.Page of 30 Go. Quick Links. Februar Table of Contents. Waeco coolmatic cr series fridge-freezers operating manual 32 pages. Bestellen Sie einfach unsere Kataloge kostenlos und unverbindlich unter der Internetadresse: www. Please order our free catalogue with no obligation to buy on our homepage: www. Keep it in a safe place for future reference.

If the appliance is handed over to another person, this operating manual must be handed over along with the appliance. Please observe the following safety instructions. Safety instructions Caution WAECO International will not be held liable for claims for damage resulting from the following: — Damage to the appliance resulting from mechanical influences and over voltage — Page General Safety Improper repairs can lead to considerable hazards. Do not open the refrigerant circuit under any circumstances.

Set up the appliance in a dry location where it is protected against splashing water. Keep electrical appliances out of reach of children or infirm persons. Do not let them use the appliances without super- vision.

Products can be deep-frozen in the freezer compartment. All materials used in the refrigerator are compatible for use with foodstuffs. Set up the fridge in a dry, sheltered place.

waeco fridge controller

The following settings are possible: Lock turn wheel clockwise to the end stop : The door is locked and secured. Setting the temperature You can set the temperature to any level using the control knob. This ensures that aromas, the shape and the freshness will be better conserved.

Page Guarantee Guarantee Our general guarantee conditions apply. If the product is defective, please re- turn it to the WAECO branch in your country see the back of the instruction manual for the addresses or to your dealer. For repair and guaranteeJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Customer support: sales portablefridgesonline.

waeco fridge controller

Portable Fridges Online. Search: Search. You have no items in your shopping cart. Home Blog Waeco Troubleshooting Checklist. Waeco Troubleshooting Checklist. THe fuse can be accessed by removing the single screw. Replace the fuse With the same ratin gas the original fuse and reassemble. This is not a common problem, but it can happen and should be the first thing to check.

If the answer is yes to any of these points, there is almost certainly mothing wrong with your fridge. You have a voltage loss problem in your vehicle wiring or cigarette lighter socket. If your fridge does not run properly or stops and starts erractically there is a good chance low voltage is the problem.

The fridge is designed to shut down and save your battery if the voltage gets too low. The problem can be thin wiring to the vehicle socket or even a dirty socket. If yes, this will cause our fridge to turn off almost as soon as the car ignition is switched off. Unless you do this correctly, you will prevent your fridge from getting enough voltage to operate correctly.

The cable provided is the minimum thickness required for that length. Your fridge and all other 12 volt applicances will operate as they are meant to, reliably, efficiently, and trouble free. WAECO has a wiring kit available for this purpose or you can ask any auto electrician to replace your cigarette lighter wiring.

Ask for 6mm cross sectoin wires as a minimum. Good refrigeration must have good airflow - especially in hot ambient temperatures. Leave a comment Please wait About About Us. Tech Advanced Seach Sitemap.These compact mini refrigerators are powered directly by 12 volt DC power.

Dometic refrigerators are very friendly to your vehicle's battery bank too. Contact Us. Air Fresheners. Air Horns. Bags - Briefcases. Cab Accessories. Cargo Control. CB Radio. Clocks - Alarm Clocks. Decals - Placards. Electronic Logging Devices. GPS Navigation. Ice Scrapers Snow Brushes. Audio Video Accessories.

waeco fridge controller

Mobile Audio Video. Mobile Sec. Office Supplies. Portable Jump Starters. Padlocks - Truck Locks - Seals. RV Supply. Safety - Emergency. Truck Driver Supplies. Two Way Radios.

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Vehicle Maintenance - Repair. Weather Radios. Home :: Dometic. PP Mounting Kit. Add To Cart. Rated 4. A powerful thermostat controlled refrigerator freezer made to fit your truck and provide View Options. It is thermostat controlled Dometic built-in drawer refrigerators for trucks offer generous cold storage in a robust and compact package. The Dometic CD series drawer Can be used as refrigerator or freezer. Runs from either 12volt or 24volt DC power. Included trim kit works for select Intl.

Dometic PP


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